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Derpy Hooves discussion

DerpyHooves18 Guess what, in the episode last roundup where applejack starts doing cherries and not apples, in the beginning do u know what rainbow dash calls Ditzy doo? she calls her derpy
DerpyHooves18 i just did a search for Ditzy doo and nothing came up. try searching for ditzy doo in this site and u will see what i mean
Chark actually her original name was Derpy Hooves and they never changed it, they only implied that her name was Ditzy but it was never confirmed!
Chark or we could just settle for her real name is Derpy Hooves and Ditzy Doo is her nickname, (also trixielunamoon, you should do more research befor you try to make everyone feel stupid) and i am not trying to be mean i am just very protective of Derpy coz she is a great pony and some people can be very rude to her.
StarlightShadows Her name is Derpy but after they said the name in the show and apparently the way she was originally voiced there was a big uproar from parents and they changed the way her voice sounded and called her "Ditzy" with caused a uproar with Bronies but the thing is, if you ever buy the cards and the dog tags she is "Unnamed Pony"

She will ALWAYS be Derpy Hooves to true fans. That is that.
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